Friday, July 11, 2008


Am I ever lonely. My husband has only been gone since Wednesday morning and it feels like forever. One week from today he will be back. He did text me again today around 10 and said he is SO homesick. I agree. The girls and I are too. All 3 of us have cried several time each for him. We have been keeping busy. Today we painted T-shirts and have been cleaning the house. In a few we are going outside to soak up the extreme heat and play in the hose! We may go visit my parents for a few days next week and help pass the time and give them our cat. She is not supposed to be here. Opps! =) She also cannot really go to Korea with us. The Army will ship her, but it is very stressful to her.

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Trinka said...

I want Daisy! :) She is an amazing little critter. I've never met a cat with such a good personality.

I'm sorry you're feeling lonely. I hope you have a good time with your folks.