Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Last night my husband came home, commented on the yummy smell of the homemade bread baking and told us all to get in the van. We drove to the next town over where he had found me a gym WITH childcare. Not just childcare but kiddis yoga, kiddie exercise equipment, kiddie gymnastics lessons and kiddie classes! Not to mention the playland INSIDE the childcare room! Yep. It IS that cool! I was SOOOOO excited! Then you will not believe what happened today! I went there for my first workout and met a lady whose kids are each about 2 weeks older than mine and get this, she and I have the SAME BIRTHDAY. Weird, but true!!!!! We have plans to get the kids together and my adventures of settling in here and making friends have officially begun! Yipee!!!!!
When I came to pick up the girls, they had each had their very own gymnastics class and were thrilled and cannot wait to go back again!


Trinka said...

That's great! Do you have to pay extra for the classes, or are they included in the membership?

So glad you met a new friend already!!!

Kristen & Cliff said...


Kathlyn said...

Hey Kristen! Sorry I havent called you back yet. It has been crazy and we are still trying to get unpacked. Plus I havent been feeling very good. I will ask him who leads his PT. He did go this morning, so I will ask! Maybe next week we can get together? Enjoy your 4th, I know we will!