Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Home again

I took the girls to go visit my parents for a few days. It was great! We all had a GREAT time and the girls are exhausted. Sadly, it now means our cat, Daisy, has a new home with them. We all miss her already.
I have a lot of blogging to catch up on!
Sunday I took the girls in town to go visit a new church here. We loved it! They seem to have a lot going for them and seem really focused on local outreach. The girls were also able to tell me what they had learned about. It is surprising how many times you can visit a church and the kids cannot even tell you if they had a lesson or what it was. I cannot wait for my hubby to come back from the field so that he can visit with us this Sunday. On the way from church to my parents house I had this conversation with the girls. From the youngest, "Mommy, if we could walk to where Daddy is out in the field, I will never say my legs hurt and I'm tired. I just want to see him."
The oldest says, "Well, Daddy won't be in the Army forever. One day he'll call you Mommy and say, 'Guess what? I have great news.... I'm not in the Army anymore!!!!! And I will never leave you or those girls again!!!!!' We will all say 'Yea' huh Mommy?"
I wish I was making that stuff up. They seriously say things like that.
At my parents we spent a lot of time doing nothing but following the girls while they rode their scooters around town. One night we rode their scooters downtown and they frolicked in the city fountain with their Gampy. It was cute and also very funny when the oldest sneaked around and kicked a HUGE spray of water at her Gampy! He never saw it coming! He and two small girls went home dripping wet! We also went swimming and visited several parks in the area.
We came back home today, sans a sweet cat. On the way home we saw a few VERY interesting sights. One, was a huge church off the highway with a beautiful little man made lake out in the front. However, marring this picturesque scene was a 4 store tall Jesus made out of rock. It was huge and obscene!!! The girls were laughing and I was just horrified! Weird stuff!
Then we found an Ikea store and we went there. The girls got to stay for free at a play area and I got to shop alone. It was SOOOOOOOOO stinking cool!
Now we are home and when we wake up it is one day closer to Friday.
I have not been able to talk to my husband but he has sent several text messages and says for the most part he is tired, hot, tired and stinky! =)

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