Thursday, July 3, 2008

Great surprise!!

Yesterday my phone rang and it was a friend of mine from up north. She was calling to tell me that she, her husband and their two very cute boys were traveling through our little town and they wanted to meet up! I had not seen her in 4 years!!!! It was great! We took all the kids to this big indoor play area and then to the army base and lunch at a playland! It was tons of fun and so nice to catch up with her and hear about the lives of some friends still living there.
Tonight we let the girls play outside and we enjoyed our quiet little street. Then we ate some bread and soup. We found out we have a small grocery store here and set out to find it. Amazingly, it was another great surprise. It is very small, but their prices were extremely competitive! They had a GREAT sale on meat and we stocked up! Now the girls are in bed and we are ready to enjoy our four day weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a great 4th!
I have not been writing because we had no power since Wednesday. We had a terrible storm (I think it was a tornado) We heard a sound like a train. We lost about 25 to thirty trees around the house, but the house was not hit and we are ok. The hail was so bad that it ruined the corn, beans and wheat around us. We saw piles of hail.
It looked like it had snowed.
Love you. Hug the girls for us.

Anonymous said...

Hey we had fun tooo! Blaine tells everyone about the "girls" he met on his "caction" as in says it!!!

Hope we can get together in other couple years. I don't know if I'll be coming to Korea but if you guys go to Hawaii that might be a differnet story!