Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Worth Cheering For?

Autumn has arrived!  Cooler days ... the leaves are falling ... kids are getting ready to 'Trick or Treat' ... and FOOTBALL is in full swing!
For those who know me ... you know that I am a fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes!  It's been a great season thus far even though they are unable to go to a Bowl game.
I've talked about this before...but I think it deserves to be mentioned again so that as Christians we can maintain our 'FOCUS' - -
Isn't it strange ...
* if a football game goes into overtime - everybody thinks it's thrilling!  BUT...if the church service runs over by 15 minutes - folks are less than thrilled.
* if the football stadium is filled to capacity and overflowing - everybody is psyched! BUT...if the church service is crowded - folks says, 'Our church is getting too big.'
* folks will sit for over two hours in all kinds of weather (rain, snow, sleet and heat) to watch a football game.  BUT...that same weather will keep them from attending a church service.
* folks will spend big bucks on game tickets, traveling, hotels, meals, parking, programs, food, etc. just to attend a game.  BUT...complain that the church is always asking for money.
* folks will gasp when a player is injured on the playing field and cheer when he finally gets back on his feet. the church we are so quick to 'shoot our wounded'.
* folks will study and know the detailed statistics about the team and the players.  BUT...many in the church have difficulty committing to studying the details found in the Word of God.
* folks will leave the football game still talking about the game and even on Monday at work will continue to chat about the game around the water cooler.  BUT...many in the church never talk about the Lord outside the walls of the church building.
* folks will arrive early for the football game and stay after the game to enjoy tailgate parties and festivities.  BUT...many in the church zip in and out of the worship services as quickly as possible.
* folks at a football game will stand and cheer and clap and raise their hands in celebration and victory!  BUT, at church - - many just sit - - with no emotion or motion.
Former Ohio State University football coach, Jim Tressel, stated on a sports talk show, "One of the reasons that Ohio State Buckeyes play so well is because we are more than just a team ... we are a family."
Listen folks, we in the 'Church' are more than just a team that huddles together on Sunday mornings ... we are a 'family'!  A family united with one Father ... whom we worship and adore!
And the reason that we gather to worship Him is not because we 'hope' for a victory ... we worship Him because we are 'assured' of victory!  The victory has already been won!!  Now ... that's a reason to stand and cheer!!
"Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ!" - 1 Corinthians 15:57
Full credit for The Focus goes to Pastor Dennis Wheeler of the Versailles Christian Church in Versailles, Ohio.  The Focus is a weekly devotional written and delivered by Pastor Wheeler.  To be added to the list for this weekly email please contact:

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