Friday, October 26, 2012

Lost and Found

Have you ever lost something?  Have you ever lost something that you really liked or valued?  When we moved recently I lost not one but TWO of my favorite skillets.  They are really big and can be used for frying chicken or other things since we rarely fry chicken.  But I used these all the time.  One was given to me a year or two ago by my parents and the other one we bought with money from our wedding.  I loved these skillets.  My husband I kept searching and searching for these.  We felt they had to be in the kitchen, but there was only a few places they could fit and they weren't there. My husband thought maybe he had moved to the basement with other kitchen items he had moved down my gigantic turkey roaster.  They were not there.  I had given up hope of ever finding them.  Then one day my husband comes home and says he thinks he knows where they could be.  And he was right!  He found them!  We owned the stove at the house we had been renting and we had never taken them out of the pan drawer.  They had been out in our garage the entire time. The only reason he thought of looking there was because we were selling that stove.  I was so excited and washed and used my skillets that very night. 
My husband had lost a Leathermen pocket tool during the move.  He had just gotten this tool right before we moved. He had been using constantly during the moving process.  The last time he remembered seeing it was in our friends dad's truck.  He figured he must have left it there and that it had probably rolled back into the back of the truck and would never be found again.  But then yesterday the Genius and I were cleaning out our van.  There was a lot of trash in there so I rolled our big garbage can over to collect the trash.  But there was no liner in it so I had to get one of the big trash bags to line it.  When I grabbed it I noticed it was the last one.  After we had cleaned, windexed and vacuumed the van I went back to grab the empty box and throw it away.  I thought "Wow.  This is heavy."  When I peeked into the empty box I saw a Leathermen.   I had no idea if it was the lost one so we took it to my husband and it was!!!! We were so excited!  He stuck it in his pocket and used it all day long.
It is so awesome when lost things are found!
What have you lost and found?


Stacia said...

We went camping on Waco Lake over the summer and I had taken my rings off while we set up the tent; well when I went to put them back on one of them was missing. It was a ring given to me by my Mom and she had recieved it from my dad. Well I didn't think it would ever be found but a few hours later my husband calls me to where he is standing with a friend and he says " Look down." I did and there in the grass was my ring!
Also on that same camping trip my husband lost his reading glasses and we looked and looked and I prayed we would find them because they aren't cheap to replace lol! Well, God heard us and we found them the next day in one of the places we had looked of course lol!

Aprille @ said...

aww these are great stories. I lost my bluetooth was gone for months. I found it in the couch somewhere around the 10th time I looked.

And it's missing again. I haven't seen it in about 2 months. lol maybe I should look in the couch?