Monday, October 29, 2012

When Mommy Gets Sick

Moms don't usually get sick.  Well, at least most moms are given the luxury of being able to be sick.  If you are a mom, you get what I am saying.  But when you are a mom and do get truly sick it takes its toll on everyone!  I had a scratchy throat last week and a few sniffles.  Thursday I started to not feel the best but was still active.  Friday I did not feel real great and was really coughing a lot but again, was super active.  Friday night I started feeling rough.  I had made a turkey and mashed potatoes for a family event.  As I was carrying them to the van I felt like I could not breathe.  We were a good ten minutes down the road before I could get through a sentence without gasping.  I thought, "my word.  This baby must be on my lungs!"  Saturday came around I woke up feeling awful.  All night long I had coughed and coughed.  Finally I got up at 445 and just came out to the living room so my husband could rest.  While he worked all day Saturday I did less than nothing.  I let the girls make whatever they wanted for lunch.  They watched movies and played computer games.  They took their brother upstairs and played with him for hours.  I literally did nothing.  I would get up and use the bathroom and then cough for 15 minutes.  Saturday night was worse than Friday night.  I got up about 4 a.m. just to let my husband sleep.  He was scared and told me I needed to be seen.  My mom took me to the ER.  I guess I basically have a cold but it turned into bronchial spasms?  Not sure what that means but he said it was like getting asthma.  I was given a high does of steroids, an inhaler and mega strong cough medicine.  The cough meds make me sleepy so I cannot use it during the day.  But it helped last night.  The whole point of this post though is that I thought the kids enjoyed me being sick.  They got to do a lot of their favorite things and I did not set time limits.  But I was surprised and touched when I learned that was not the case at all.  They took their brother upstairs and came down later.  They presented me with a bound "book" (paper hole punched and tied with yellow yarn).  Inside they had all made pages for me.  They said how they were scared.  How they knew how hard it was for me to try and take care of them while being sick.  They were worried and did not like me taking me so much medicine.  They were worried for their baby brother.  They talked about how much they love me and appreciate me.  Talk about emotional.  What an absolute treasure that is to me.  I will keep it forever.
I am so blessed!

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Aprille @ said...

that book is soooooo sweet!! Definitely something to keep forever!