Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fall is FUN

Less than 10 weeks til baby 4 joins our family!  I am striving to take advantage of that time and do some fun things with the kids.  I know once winter hits and this baby comes....time for going out as a family will be limited since my husband works 6 days a week.  So this past weekend I summoned all my energy and took the kids out.  We met my parents for lunch and then I took them to a free fall festival!

First up, some outdoor games.  This one was the Mystery Box. The Genius was feeling a very strange hair bow.  The Hippie felt slime!  There was also a big bouncy room.  The Professor just so happens to be deathly afraid of bouncy rooms.  He did NOT want his sisters going in, but they did!  All 3 kids enjoyed the games.  Then the girls got a new hair-do.

Afterwards we went inside to see what was there.

They got to listen to a story and were given some bracelets. 
Then onto face painting and balloon animals!

In the gym were games for the bigger kids.  While the girls went around and played, the Professor and I hung out in the 5 and under area.

I was getting tired so we grabbed some free popcorn and went Christmas shopping.  The girls got their dad gifts, got gifts for the Professor and chose a gift for the baby!  I was exhausted but it was so much fun! 
We got home and everyone had a sucker and we watched a show together.

Fall really is FUN!

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