Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Cute Stuff

The Professor is just cute.  He has done a few extra cute things lately that I want to write down before I forget.
At our home-school co-op he is in a class for 2's-3's.  Last Friday they took the kids outside and let them collect grass, leaves, flowers etc... and brought them inside to let them make a fall wreath.  He was proud of his little glue covered nature artwork.  I said, "Buddy, did you go outside?" He says "ummhmm".  I said, "What did you learn about?"  He said, "Leaves and Lion Flowers."  Lion Flowers?  Then I noticed the dandelions on his wreath.  How cute!  I will always think of dandelions as Lion Flowers now.
Monday night we hosted a Bible study here at our house.  Our 9 year old baked a coffee cake for us to have.  As I was laying the cake out on the table, the Professor said, "CAKE" BIRTHDAY"  He then proceeded to go through our entire family trying to figure out whose birthday it was.  LOL! He could not comprehend that the cake was a fun cake!


Aprille said...

aww lion flowers! so cute! i love this stage of communication. Ez says the darndestly cute things too!!!

Aprille said...

aww sooooo cute. I love "lion flowers"...ezra still calls them "trees"...I love this stage of communication. they say the cutest things.