Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Great Day!

I had my (almost) 32 week check up today.  Lo and Behold, my mom had the day off and agreed to watch the kiddos.  We have never really lived near family before and it is SUCH a blessing!  I mean, yes, I could have handled the kids at the appointment but it is wonderful to just sit and think about baby 4.  The appointment went fine.  The doctor asked my concerns and I had two. 
One:  My heartburn has been attacking with vengeance.  I had been controlling it with camomile tea and Tums but that is no longer working.  So we discussed options.
Two:  I am terrified of a c-section.  Not just because of the procedure but because of the healing.  My husband will likely only get 1-2 days off for the baby.  My parents both work.  We use cloth diapers and our washer and dryer are in the basement.  If I had to heal from a surgery I have NO IDEA how we'd make it.  Truly.  I do not know.  So I asked the doctor about options if the baby does not flip.  She explained that they will flip the baby if he does not flip on his own. 
I asked her if she could check and see where she thinks he is. She felt and said, "I am positive that is a head and that he is head down"!  I go on Nov. 6th for an ultrasound so I can have it confirmed then.  I had wondered if he had flipped but it is hard to tell!  SO I am praying she is right and that he is happily head down.
After my appointment I met my parents and the kids for lunch.  The kids were cute and funny and the food was delicious.
I came home and found out my closest friend had had her 6th baby! 
Such a great day!

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Aprille @ beautifulinhistime.com said...

Recovering from a c-section is definitely difficult, but somehow, one foggy day at a time, you make it. Being close to family will help, I'm sure!