Saturday, October 20, 2012

9 Weeks or Less

9 weeks or less til baby boy makes his appearance!  We are all very excited!  His Christmas stocking is on its way to our house, the bassinet is inside, bassinet sheets are washed and ready for use, newborn cloth diapers and prepped and waiting, clothes are hanging in the closet and I have my top 3 choices for his bring home outfit hanging up just waiting to go into the hospital bag.  I still have so much to do before he comes though.

Not is any particular order...
1.  The dresser for him is in our room but I need to fill it.
2. Pack my hospital bag.
3. Pack bags for other 3 kids so they are ready whenever we need to leave.
4. Get the playpen over to my parents house so they can have it ready for the Professor.
5. We want to take the kids away for a one night getaway since we have a giftcard for a hotel.
6. I want to keep doing fun and special things with the other 3 kids because I know once this baby energy will be lower.  And since my husband works 6 days a week it will be very hard to try and go out and about alone.

I am making headway on my goal to be done Christmas shopping by November 1st.  I have most of the stocking stuffers bought and most of the advent calendar gifts.  I am mostly done with shopping for the kids but still need to get their big gifts. 

I go next week for my next doctor's appointment.  I hope they can tell if he is still breech or if he has flipped.  Please be praying that he will be in the birthing position and stay there!

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