Monday, October 8, 2012

29 weeks and 3 days!

Less than 11 weeks til we meet this little baby.  I tell you what, this baby boy has sure kept us on our toes this entire pregnancy.  I have been to a doctor weekly or bi-weekly since we found out we were pregnant.  In some ways it is fun....lots of sneak peeks at the baby, feeling like I get time to focus on this baby and this pregnancy.
On the other hand, I don't enjoy either taking 3 other kids with me or leaving them with a sitter.  It also makes it feel like the time is moving slowly. 
Today I had a follow up ultrasound.  No real concerns, they were basically just re-checking the hole in his heart.  I guess I have a very cautious office.  Today our baby boy measured in the 74%.  He weighs 3 pounds 8.3 ounces.  He was all snuggled up, had his ankles crossed and one hand flung over his face.  The tech said she saw a little hair on his head too.  Might I add....he seems to be taking after his brother and his head is measuring....large. Sigh. 
The only downside is that he is still breech.  I know that he still has time to flip but I am SO scared of a c-section.  My husband works 6 days a week and will only get 1-2 days off when the baby is born and my parents work full time.  We don't really have any close friends here.  So recovery will be hard enough on me delivering naturally.  I am asking everyone to pray that our boy will flip. 
Other than that it was all good news.  They will evidently keep doing ultrasounds to check on his position, so I go back in 4 weeks again.  Actually on Election Day! 

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