Thursday, October 18, 2012


I still get a thrill when we go shopping and find an awesome bargain.  Today we all went to Kohl's.  My husband got me two maternity shirts and himself a pair of work shoes.  They were definitely on a good sale but nothing to really get excited about.  Then we had a yummy lunch and headed over to Goodwill.  I was browsing the miniature maternity section and just happened to find...not one...not two....but THREE Liz Lange Maternity shirts with the tags on!!!!  With  the prices at Goodwill it was less than $10 for 3 brand new shirts! I was SO excited!  Then I found a Land's End shirt for my husband that was half off and an Izod shirt for him as well.  We scored a neat pair of shoes for the Professor too.  It was fun! 
What good deals have you found lately?


Trinka said...

Went to Office Max for dry erase markers Wednesday. I started to buy a dozen of the store brand for $11, and checked out the sale racks in the back, and there were expensive ones on sale 4 for $3.40!

Always so fun to find that stuff!!

And today, my bookbinding supplies store has everything 10% off with a $10 shipping credit, so I'm going to pick up a bunch of stuff!

Aprille said...


Rachel said...

My latest find was a belt at Kohl's for my husband. I shuddered when I realized the cheapest ones were $28...then I pulled out one with a clearance sticker. His size for only $8.40!
Love good deals!