Saturday, October 6, 2012


Last weekend was gorgeous!  My poor husband works 6 days a week but I loaded up the 3 kids and took them to a local festival. 

We arrived quite easily.  However I discovered it was set up different than past years.  I had come with the Professors awesome jogging stroller but found we had to now park off site.  Luckily I had his little umbrella stroller but the umbrella stroller was not made for outdoor festivals.  I knew this pregnant mom would need it though. Ha!  Getting onto a bus with a stroller and 3 kids and steep steps...not an easy task at 28 weeks pregnant.
The girls sitting in a hand hewn wooden canoe.  This was amazing!

Sampling some free apple cake!

All 3 kids made their own bean bags with cloth and dried cherry pits.  The girls sewed the Professor's bean bag for him.

The got to make pioneer hats and bonnets.  The Professor was impressed that the volunteer knew her colors too.  He kept telling her which color he was using and when she would say, "Yes green" he'd say "good". Ha!

We had a hay ride (not recommended at 28 weeks pregnant...OUCH) and a horse drawn wagon ride and all for FREE! Festivals like this are simply unbeatable.  We had loads of fun.  I got everyone McDonald's on the way home as a special treat.  The Professor konked out and I joined him by taking a 2 hour nap! 

What local festivities have you been joining up with?

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