Thursday, October 28, 2010

Something Worth Celebrating Too

Yesterday was incredible!!! The Hippie ran in the door from school and flung her backpack down.  She began rummaging through it, grabbed a small book and literally threw it on my lap and exclaimed, "Look at this Mommy!"  On the front was a very cute picture of her. It read "Hippie's Sticker Book".  I peeked inside and there were several stickers.  One sticker said, "for pointing".  Another said, "Raised hand for needing help".  But, the last two stickers "Mouthed to her teacher" and "mouthed all her site words"!  We were in COMPLETE shock!  To be totally honest, I really thought that the Hippie was not going to progress any this year.  So what did we do last night?  Loaded up for some celebration ice cream!  The Hippie was so excited and proud!  I just wanted to cry I was so happy!  Our girls are making strides with their Selective Mutism!

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StephieD said...

**Little Happy Dance** Yay Yay Yay!!! :D