Sunday, October 10, 2010

From the toy room

Overheard while playing with ponies...
G - She cannot come.  She is not part of the Flower Family.
H -  Oh, which family is she?
G - The Peppermint Family
H - Oh, the Peppermint Family? Ok.  La, la l
G- No! Wait! The Sparkle Family is not ready yet!
H - Oh. I thought they were all getting on the stage
G - No, just the Flower Family is performing today
H - Ok.  Are they all ready now?
G - Hang on. Let me check. Families? Are you ready? They are all ready.
H - Wait! The Queen needs to make an announcement.



Trinka said...

Love the insight into their minds.

This one shows that little girls brains function at a level of sweetness that runs the risk of sending adults into a diabetic coma.

"Families! Please inject your insulin before going on stage!" :)

Belinda said...

What great imaginations!