Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh those kids....

I actually have a blog about some kids.  And they are not our kids! Shocking, I know!  At church today I went downstairs to go feed the Professor (the seats upstairs just don't cut it when you are short and trying to nurse a baby).  While I was feeding him the 3-5 year old class came in to have a snack.  They could not see us and so I was able to overhear what they were saying.  The teacher asked them, "So in our lesson today we learned that God takes care of us.  What is something He does to take care of us?"  One child answers, "He gives us a home."  The teacher enthusiastically replies (thrilled that the youngsters remembered the lesson), "YES! God gives us a home to live in and what is one way a home protects us?"  One adorable little girl says, "Our homes keep us safe from evil villains!"  I woke the Professor up because I started laughing so hard!  Evidently the teacher wanted them to say that houses protect us from storms.  One little boy answered correctly and then the same little retorts, "well and homes give us the stuff to make hot chocolate too!"  I bet her mama has a lot of fun with her!  What a cutie!

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