Friday, October 15, 2010

Selective Mutism...the Struggle Continues

Sometimes I get so sick of dealing with Selective Mutism.  I know there are worse things we could face and deal with, but it is still frustrating.  This morning we went in for a meeting with the girls teachers.  The Genius's teacher says she is right on target for her age and that she is speaking in most places.  However, she is not speaking to her teacher and is not really speaking in her classroom.  Her teacher said that her scores are average and that she is right on target for her age.  The Hippie's teacher told us that she is still in full anxiety mode.  It just breaks my heart to hear that.  The Hippie is getting some of the lowest scores in her class and gets teary eyed if her teacher calls on her.  When asked to perform she shuts down so she is not accurately tested (hence the low test scores).  Plus, how can you test a child that has trouble even pointing because she is so anxious?  This is just so hard to handle.  I miss doing home-school and having them in public school was supposed to be helping them.  We have seen lots of improvement with the Genius but how can this be positive for the Hippie? I am not sure there is an answer here.  I just wish that our girls could kick Selective Mutism to the curb and I wish that their teachers knew our "real" kids.  I wish they could see their huge smiles and hear the Hippie's infectious laugh.  I wish I knew how to help and if this is still the best thing for our kids.

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Paula Kathlyn said...

Awww, Kristen, I am so sad to hear about Hippie :( Which is really surprising bc I would have thought that it would have been the other way around (Genius instead of Hippie). Either way, I am so sorry :( Praying for you....God will give you peace, comfort and wisdom! Love you all!!!