Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My Crafty Friend

In honor of fall I thought I would link to my friends blog.  Her name is Kathlyn and she is AMAZING at crafts and stuff.  She has an Etsy shop and there is a link on my blog to take you there.  Anyways, today she had a really cute and super easy Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving craft.  It made me excited because it is cute and extremely easy!  In fact, I just may have to let the girls try it and use it for our Thanksgiving centerpiece or to decorate our mantel.  Thanks for the tips Kathlyn!  Love ya!


Paula Kathlyn said...

Awww! I love you too! Take pics if you guys do them. I think for Thanksgiving I am going to use the orange ones and go get a couple of maroon ones too...I think I am now addicted to glitter...hahaha. Thanks for all the compliments. Ps. The monopoly game is on at McD's...makes me think of our time meeting there and trying to win lol :)

Belinda said...

Thanks for sharing the link. You know how much I love candles :)