Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Just Like Daddy

My husband has this truly awful habit.  It has ruined many a date night for us.  It has made me mad a few times and has been the cause of several "discussions".  See, he always gets silly during MY chick flicks!! You ladies know what I am talking about are watching a great movie (think any movie based on a Nicholas Sparks book) and you are building up the moment.  The Big Cry.  My husband CONSISTENTLY chooses that exact moment to laugh.  Am I able to complete my cry?  Absolutely not.  The moment is totally ruined for me.  Never to be regained.  So tonight my husband had the girls at Awanas.  I had DVR'd "A Walk to Remember".  The Professor and I were watching it together.  He had been doing his little baby thing...eating, pooping, playing.  He got a little fussy so I picked him up and sat him on my lap.  He looked up and was watching our TV.  The moment was coming.  The Big Cry.  I was alone.  Just my baby and me and I am ready.  Bring on the tears!  The moment came and....THE PROFESSOR LAUGHED!  And who can resist a giggling baby?  Not this mama.  All I can say is like Father like Son.

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