Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Look, New Schedule, New Poll

First, I hope you like the new look here!
Second, we recently moved.  The house has 3 bedrooms/2bathrooms and beautiful, perfectly clean very light beige carpeting.  This inspired me to come up with a cleaning routine that helps KEEP the carpet looking good...well, and the rest of the house too.  Here is what I came up with..
Monday- Clean the living room (this is usually the worst room after the weekend)
Tuesday - Clean the kitchen
Wednesday - The bathrooms
Thursday - The floors (meaning sweeping and mopping)
Friday - The bedrooms (this means dusting and putting away anything that is left out)

So far this has been working wonderfully!  With a 3 month old baby to take care of, it keeps me focused on what I need to clean.  Obviously there is the every day cleaning like the counters, sweeping etc... but on the assigned cleaning days you deep clean.  Plus with a baby to nurse and entertain it gives me a focus during his nap times and keeps the chores from becoming overwhelming.  Also, we recently gave the girls new chores to do.  They take turns sweeping, cleaning their bathroom and tub, vacuuming and emptying the garbage.  They have been extremely excited about being assigned "grown-up" jobs.  To help them, we just let them clean with very diluted vinegar.  They have been doing a great job with their chores!

Lastly, I have a new poll posted!  Make sure you vote too!


Stacia said...

That is very similar to a system that I was using but have slacked off of since the move. I got it from another blog " Women Living Well". I tweaked it a bit though lol!
Monday- Menu planning and mirrors
Tuesday- Tubs, Towels & Toilets
Wednesday- Dust
Thursday- Bathroom sinks
Friday- Floors
It was working great and helped me to get the girls involved.

Cathy said...

Baby wipes are also a good, safe thing to give kids to clean with.