Tuesday, October 12, 2010

About Poop...and Cloth Diapers

I read a very funny (and informative) post today on cloth diapers and poop.  It made me think about our Professor and his pooping habits.  The title of that blog post was

That is a lovely diaper…… FOR ME TO POOP ON! 


My husband and I actually have a running joke that the Professor has a favorite pooping diaper.  We have no real proof to speak of, but he really does prefer this one specific diaper.  


His Happy Heiny's Silly Monkeys diaper.  We have no idea why he prefers this diaper, but we just know that 99% of the time as soon as we get it on him, he poops.  Our current working theory is that the diaper is just so comfy on him that he cannot help it!  No matter what though it is true.  Now aren't you glad you read this post?




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