Thursday, October 14, 2010

She is a Member!

Last night was Awana's.  The Hippie decided not to go.  She was tired.  We thought she was getting sick because she wanted to go to bed 2 hours early and skip Awana's.  We let her and she was asleep immediately!  She woke up healthy and happy today.  Guess she just needed some rest.  She has always been our good sleeper.  So the Genius went to Awana's alone.  She had a great time!  When she came home, she rushed in and showed me this little card.  I looked at it and exclaimed, "Oh WOW! You got an Awana's membership card!!!"  She squeals back, "I KNOW! What is a membership card?" LOL!  Gotta love kids!

By the way, the poll is closed and it looks like dusting and laundry tied for the two worst chores! =)

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