Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Professor's First Halloween

I had a sweet friend send me some links today with some easy at home costume ideas for a baby.  I am perplexed as to how to dress the Professor for his very first Halloween.  I refuse to have him be a pumpkin..I mean, they are cute and all but way overdone.  My husband and I refuse to buy an outfit that he will wear all of once.  I also will not let him dress up as anything bad, no monsters etc.  So what am I left with?  I am left with a blog and seeking your advice!  Please post links or ideas or whatever and help us come up with a costume for the Professor!
Also, only 1 day left to vote on the poll and we need some tie breakers!


Trinka said...

Maybe he could go as a baby. You know, you could put him in a diaper, and wrap him up in a blanket. Maybe a pacifier for realism? :)

Anonymous said...

lol @ Trinka!

I hope the links helped at least a little... ;)