Saturday, January 17, 2009

Yet Another Target Moment

If you read the post "Belly Talkin' " then you know the "moment" I am referring to. Tonights moment was great because my husband got to witness it and fling his head around to see if anyone else heard and took it the wrong way. We were out to eat at a yummy new place. There were jokes listed on the menu and I was reading them to the girls. One joke was.... "What do you call a pig that does karate?" Answer: "Pork Chop". Before I could tell them the answer the oldest yells, "KOREAN!" LOL! Now keep in mind that she does not mean this in a bad way at all. But because of the books and videos we have watched about Korea, she associates the country with Karate NOT pigs!! It was so funny, I thought I would need CPR to recover!
Not much else to report. The oldest is still running a fever and feeling crummy, but a trip to the ER said she has a cold. 5 years of parenting and never going in for anything silly and I called it wrong this time. Oh well. Better safe than sorry and it was free! She has been running a fever for 4 days and her cough sounds so awful and her nose is bleeding AND stuffy! Plus she is quiet and not interested in food at all. Her fever has been up to 102.5 so I thought it was more than a cold. I am thankful it was simple though!
I am sooooo happy to have my hubby back! You can read his latest adventures here.