Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sad Day

Today was....interesting? I got up and took my husband to work and the youngest to preschool. Came home and did home-school and went to pick up the youngest. Her teacher handed me a letter and said we better read it. I did and thought, "That can't be." But yep. It was. They FIRED her teacher! With no notice and then lied about it! Said she was leaving to take care of her mother, but it was not true. I felt so bad for Ms. Rhonda! The youngest cried when I told her and chewed her nails. She says she still wants to go and we will let her through next week but we may not send her in February. It really bothered me the way it was handled. Plus with the whole Selective Mutism thing, it adds more stress to me and the youngest as well.
I watched American Idol tonight. My husband worked on an Opord and I still stand by my stance that the girls did NOT just have a cold! I took them to Chick-Fil-A and they basically sat and asked to leave. They got computer time and asked to be done and then they laid down and went to sleep. Tonight they went to bed at 7:15. I could not even take them to Awana's. The oldest spiked a low grade fever AGAIN. I have never had a cold like that. Oh well. Tomorrow is a new day!!


Trinka said...

So you're saying the school told you one story, and the teacher handed you a letter telling you another story?

That's really strange. If you do decide to pull youngest, it might be helpful to tell the school leadership why you're doing it. That is really strange behavior.

I'm sorry everybody's still sick! It does not sound like them at ALL to be that sluggish. Hope it passes soon.

Belinda said...

Did you ever get any more info?? Sorry the girls are still feeling bad. I hope they can kick whatever it is soon!

maicher said...


Anonymous said...

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