Sunday, January 18, 2009


Our oldest had apparently passed her cold on to the youngest now. I am assuming that we will all get it within the next week! Hopefully, I will be pleasantly surprised and my hubby and I will stay healthy!
The girls were wearing their coats that their grandparents got them. They are soft and white and furry looking. The oldest informed us that they were made out of polar bears! She did not mind in the least!
Does anyone know of a good kind of thermometer? We went out and bought a new expensive one last night. It goes on your temple and is supposedly great for use with kids. We had a huge problem with it though and are returning it. We thought the oldest was acting "off" and was chilling real bad. We used the new one and it gave a reading of 104.3! I was ready to rush to the E.R. But we tried the other side of her head and it was 101.7. Quite a difference. We tried it on us and each side of our heads got different readings and none were accurate. We eventually used one in her mouth and it was close to 102. But still. We want a new trustworthy one. Any ideas?


Belinda said...

Sorry the sickness has hit your house. I have always just used the digital thermometers. I got one at Wal Mart for $7 or $8 and it has worked well. Pretty accurate. I had thought about getting the kid you got but after reading your post, I think I'll pass.

Trinka said...

No idea about thermometers ... but I'm sorry the plague has hit your house!

Anonymous said...

I never thought the the strips for the head were accurate either.

Hope the bug leaves soon.

sticker said...