Thursday, January 8, 2009


I don't have much news, but you have gotta read the comments from the previous post!! My sister-in-law and good friend are SOOOO funny! I miss both of them!
Today was a super busy day! We had the toe looked at on our youngest. She had a black spot. This happened on her other foot and she lost a toenail. We were concerned that she had a fungus or something. We took her in and the nurse looked at it and was confused. She got the doctor and the doctor was puzzled. They brought in another doctor and he was unsure. They brought in another doctor and he was, hmmmm. They brought in another and finally our diagnosis..... "She is a medical mystery!!!" Kinda funny I thought. She has never really been sick or had any big flu, but goodness, she gets really weird things and lots of calls to Poison Control. I believe there is probably one in every family!!! =)

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Trinka said...

You may want to mention her fondness for mud. Who knows what's living in that stuff. :)