Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Knitting Time

I was out on an errand yesterday for my husband. He needed yarn. Blue, Red, Black, Brown and Green. The girls were with me and were helping me pick it out. The oldest said, "Well, I hope when we get home Daddy does not get out two needles and go (insert clicking noises here)" I asked why. She said, "That is something ladies in rocking chairs do. Not boys or Daddies." I found that SOOOOO funny! The yarn is actually for the Army. They are using them to make sand tables! No, not dig and play in the sand tables. They are actually terrain boards representing the area they are about to invade.
Tonight both girls had their first real Upwards practice. The oldest really had a great time and she was so cute out on the court! She really guarded her zone! Her arms were up the whole time and she kinda bounced around people. But she ran fast and had fun! Her coaches were real pleased with her. The youngest was just the typical child suffering from Selective Mutism. She stood their on the stage, stared at the ground with her hand stuffed into her pockets. For one hour. Know what really breaks your heart? We picked her up and she said she LOVED it and had so much fun. It just kills me. I want to beat up this anxiety and yet our hands are tied. We can only keep making little bits of progress through therapy. She was cute though! =) Afterwards, I asked her team name. They are the Little Fireflies. I yelled, "Go Fireflies!" She yelled, "Go ThireThlies!" Adorable!!!!


Trinka said...

Somehow ... I never pictured the Army shopping at Hobby Lobby. :) Have him get a picture of this "sand table". I'm curious to see what it looks like!

Oldest -- good for you!!!!

Youngest -- that is what seems the most puzzling ... how someone could be so uncomfortable in a situation and still have a good time and want to do it again. I'm so thankful you're getting help for them, and that small victories are happening!

Bon said...

I have always said they do crafts, Army crafts. They all gather in the woods (where we can't see them) and make things, usually out of 550 cord. It annoys my husband no end when I say this and use his Ranger lap counter thingy as an example (beads on 550 cord more or less to count laps you move beads kind of thing). *grin*

I'm so sorry to hear that little youngest is experiencing this kind of reaction and it breaks my heart to see that mental picture of her standing there. Prayers that she will come along as you work with her.

Trinka said...

So what you're saying is that the Army is really a lot like summer camp?

Sleep out in the woods ... build things out of popsicle sticks ... make s'mores? ???


Bon said...

*gigglefit* Sometimes, Trinka, I DO think it's a lot like summer camp. Please don't tell LT Dan I said that ;)