Saturday, January 10, 2009

NOT a good start

Well, so far today is not going well at all. We had to wake both girls up and take my husband off to base where he is gone to the field for 6 days. As we were leaving, I noticed the garbage truck never came and the package my in-laws sent has now emptied itself of those oh-so-lovely styrofoam bead things. Thinking to be a good neightbor I ran out with a broom and thought to sweep them up. The wind was howling and every time I had a pile they all blew away. So now various parts of the entire neighborhood have bits of styrofoam. How humiliating!
Fast forward to security check to get onto base. They tell me to pull over because they want to talk to us. Get this. Our tags expired. They take my license and stuff. They came back with good news though. Evidently we DID renew our tags but never got them. Weird, but true. I guess some national crime database comfirmed I was clean and that the van really did belong to us. Now I am tasked with figuring out how to get these missing tags. The upside was that we did not get a ticket for "Improper Display." He said (in a heavy German accent), "I not give you a ticket because you be real nice. You no twist your eyes and sigh and say bad words at me." At least THAT was nice! =)
So pull out and my husband was losing it because we were now almost late. A fine mist starts coming down. Harder now. Drive a little. Harder. Now, I cannot see. It is a virtual monsoon. I have to drop the poor guy off outside to go stand in it.
As we leave base I am feeling tired, sad and a little shaky from the rain/security/styrofoam and we get behind a line of firetrucks and MP's responding to a wreck.
I am hoping that the day can only get better from here!


Anonymous said...

I hope the rest of the day goes better. We have about 10 inches of snow and more on the way. Want to trade rain for snow?

Kathlyn said...

So sorry Kristin! That stinks! I am glad you didnt get a ticket. You did a really good job writing that German accent. It made me laugh inside as I could hear the guard talking to you :) This week will go by fast and Cliff will be back before you know it!

Trinka said...

And the high temps next week are supposed to be around 7. (Note the absence of a "0" after that number.)

I hope your day improves. :)

Some of those little styrofoam things will melt when they get wet. Hopefully the ones blowing around your neighborhood are like that.

Maybe you could put a bounty on them. A penny for each one the girls bring home? :)

Hope your week goes smoothly, with lots of neat stuff to tell hubby about when he gets back from summer camp.

Bon said...

LOL "you no twist your eyes" I don't actually think I've ever SEEN you "twist your eyes" I assume this means roll your eyes but hey... I could be wrong.

I'm hoping Trinka is right and the packing peanut things melt.

Hope the rest of your day is way better!

Kristen & Cliff said...

Well, considering it had rained all day long and they are still ALL over.... I don't think they melt. =( I went out in the pouring rain and picked up TWO wal-mart bags full of them. Sigh. No nasty notes from neighbors though!!! =)