Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Belly Talkin'

Well, after DAYS of prepping the girls for ALL the shots needed for Korea, it was rather anti-climatic. Our oldest had pneumonia a few years ago and had a bad experience with needles at the hospital so she is awful to give shots to. I had been building them up and promised ice cream WITH a topping from Baskin Robbins if they did good. The two rules were 1. Hold still (last time the oldest got shots it took 4 of us to hold her down). 2. Calm down when it is all over. So we have gone over this frequently. We get there for our screening and am told that the girls do not need any shots!! I only needed two. They were proud of me for being so brave. Then they were scared they might not get ice cream. They had been so good though so off we went. On the way the youngest says, "My belly is telling me that I need a cone." I told her if she got a cone they could not put a topping on, but that the choice was hers. She says, "Well someone needs to tell my belly. Here, let me pull up my shirt. 'Tummy. We can't get toppings on a cone.' My tummy says, 'OK'. We will get a cup with toppings." She is freaking adorable!!! Do you know what her final ice cream choice was? Rainbow Sherbert with chocolate covered hershey kisses on top. Eeeewwww! She loved it!!
Now a story I forgot from last night. Remember how our girls have selective mutism? Well, here we are. The oldest and I are shopping in Target. We are in line. Now remember, she would not dream of speaking to anyone... but she proceeds to sing in a loud, VERY loud voice about a duck. Then she decides to test out her new rhyming skills. What words can she say LOUDLY that rhyme with duck. "Luck, Cuck, Muck, *uck." Then she kinda fixated on the *uck. A lot. And loudly. I did not say anything. I know she has no idea she was saying anything bad and I have no desire to teach her that. She was just a kid rhyming. But for once I would have paid for her to be quiet!!!


Trinka said...

Oh my land!!!! I wish I could have been the cashier, watching the faces of the people around you.

I'm glad you were brave getting your shots. "Good girl ... you get your husband back home soon as a reward." :)

Kathlyn said...

Haha! Can't wait to hear what they want to talk about at the coffee shop! Hopefully it will be warm and empty like it was last week. I can't wait for a hot chocolate!!!

Stacey said...

So cute! Both the ice cream story and the rhyming one. I wish I could have been in your Target to see people's reactions to your little girl. Too cute!

Luke said...

I keep reading stories of children who end up yelling profanities (inadvertently)... I think, perhaps, children are opportunities we can use to help keep us humble. [smile]


karen said...

ROFL! I'm sorry, but that is SO similar to an experience we had with Sarah--in Target, no less! She was trying to say something was "bulky". Only "bulky" came out "*ucky". ONLY a child could bungle a pronunciation like that! But she did. And yes, a fellow shopper gave me a very ugly look. :-p

Actually, I think I made a similar innocent mistake as a child. :-p

Anyway, I feel for you!

Adriane said...

You guys are lucky! Here at Benning my girls had to get 2 shots and I had to 6 for Korea. I am still not done with mine since I am spacing them apart.

Kristen & Cliff said...

Yikes!! I am glad we got off easy.

Bon said...

I did this on a bus with my Mom when I was little--she STILL talks about it 50 years later!

"Look Mommy! fire *uck! fire *uck!"

People giving ugly looks about children that are obviously not meaning the word they are saying? Silly.