Saturday, January 10, 2009

Better now

Aside from the fact that the evidently non-melting styrofoam balls are all over the state of KY now... the day went very well after the horrible start! We the girls first Upwards games and of course both were playing at the same time, plus I am the team mom for the oldests team. It went so smoothly though... except I could not find our camera. I DID bring our camcorder though and caught some GREAT action!!! To my amazement the youngest even mover her pom-poms!!!!!! The oldest, holy cow. She can't shoot to save her life, but the little superstar STOLE the ball twice in the first 2 minutes and caught and kept some rebounds!!!! She was in the zone! =)
Afterwards, I took them to a health expo and playland. We all curled up and watched a show together and played Uno. Now, I am lonely on the couch and wishing my hubby were here. But one night is almost down!

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