Saturday, January 24, 2009

What did I see????

Well, if you must know.... I walked around the corner and into our kitchen and found my husband DRINKING RIGHT OUT OF THE CARTON of orange juice!!! You know, I figured being married for almost 8 years and all that no longer happened, but I caught him in the act today!!
Then I caught him doing this during the basketball game. Photo #4
And this during cheerleading. Photo #3
Now actually, he really did pay full attention and cheered for them both AND complimented them and said how proud he was. But I do have to tease him a little!
We had a great day watching the girls! The basketball player is great at defense!!! She steals the ball and runs with it. The youngest just stands there looking scared to death but amazingly cute at the same time!


Trinka said...

They ALL do it Kristen ...He's taught the girls to drink out of cartons too.

And they use your toothbrush when you're not home.


It's a germ-conspiracy. :)

technology said...