Monday, November 12, 2007

Still recovering

My husband and I are still recovering from our colds. I am ready for bed! I just had to post these photos of the girls! I had a doctor appointment today, so he took them to ballet and snapped these pictures of them! I think they look adorable!
Our youngest daughter has this penchant for getting out of bed before she falls asleep and coming to where we are. We think she is checking to see if my husband is there or at work. Last night we were at our wits end and she came out AGAIN. I was ready to go give her a spanking and a talking to. She beams her big brown eyes at me and says, "I thought I could just sleep on the floor because I am sad and need my daddy to hold me." So he goes in to hold her and she said, "Can you hold me this big for a minute?" Can someone please tell me how you get mad at that?

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Trinka said...

awwwwww ... what a sweetie!

Hope you're all feeling better soon.