Saturday, November 17, 2007

Quiet Wind

On Thursday I went with my oldest daughter and her school to walk donated food to a local shelter. It was a neat idea and a fun thing to do. All the kids (1-4) were dressed as Indians. Their teachers had all given them Indian names. Our daughter (who has yet to speak to ANYONE in her class) was dubbed "Quiet Wind". We were telling this to my dad over lunch today. He dubbed himself "Breaking Wind"!
On a completely unrelated note, today is our dogs birthday! She is one year old today! The girls had to sing to her this morning. The dog did not know whether to be happy or scared.
My husband and I rented the movie "Amazing Grace" last night and it is a really good movie. If you ever get the chance to rent it.
No other news from our end! We are looking forward to Thanksgiving! My husband's sister is coming down for a few days. The girls are VERY excited to have their aunt here.

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Trinka said...

And she's looking forward to BEING there. :)