Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cat Walk

We have a cat walk inside our house. It sits under the "activity shelf" in our dining room. The cat walk is actually an old vent cover that my husband pulled out and then he rigged some carpet covered ramps into the basement. Our cats food and litter box are down there. You could come into our house and never even know that a cat lives here. So tonight I had out two girls plus three other children over here. They were beyond thrilled with the cat walk. The oldest child said, "WOW! I wish our house had holes in it! Do you think there are any other holes in your house that we could play in?" It is amazing what kids find cool!! I guess at this point you can imagine hoe the next few hours were spent. We "built" a cat walk in the living room and I spent the rest of the evening chasing "Rainbow", "Flower", "Cupcake" and "monster" into their cat hole so they could walk "down" there cat walk. I am exhausted. Oh yes, FYI, the other girls picked the cutesy names and it was our sweet three year old who chose "monster" for her name.

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Trinka said...

Ah ... the freedom to be yourself ... even if "yourself" happens to be "Monster" that day. :)