Monday, November 19, 2007


Evidently, this whole cat walk thing has been HUGE to our friends 5 year old daughter. I guess she has been frantically searching their house looking for holes. She cannot fathom that every house might NOT have a cat walk in it. I think if she was strong enough she might start banging holes in their walls or floors. That just tears me up! Their kids are so darn cute!
Tonight the big thrill in our house was the capture of a baby lady bug named "Leeda". She now lies trapped in the girls room in a small rubber container where they can watch her all night long.
For me the bog thrill was going downstairs to their toy room. I found the girls decked out in dress up clothes. Necks dripping with jewels, lacy tutus, fluffy sleeved purples dresses and the three year old sitting at little pink vanity brushing her hair with a "My Little Pony" brush. I said "You girls look so pretty. What are you doing?". Our four year old looked at me and said (in all her decked out finery) "Rocking baby Jesus in my arms." Are you a puddle on the floor yet?

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Trinka said...

awwww - sweeet! :)