Sunday, November 25, 2007

Back to normal

Unfortunately life returns to normal tomorrow. Our company is gone, Thanksgiving is over and we go back to work after several days off. Yuck. On a positive note.... we had a great time with my husband's sister!! The girls loved having her here and hated to see her go. I have posted a few photos from her visit with us.
After she left, we came home and spruced up the house so that we could host our small group Bible Study here. That went great and we all had a super time!!
I had a funny moment tonight. We were reading to the girls before bedtime. I was reading them this book ALL about how THE BEST THING ABOUT CHRISTMAS IS JESUS!!!!!!!! So, we get to the end and for the 20th time I read, "so the best thing about Christmas is..." (and I leave a pregnant pause for our four year old to fill in) and she screams, "ME!" Oh my. We have some work to do here! =0

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