Sunday, November 4, 2007

Looking up

Today things are looking better. My husband took our three year old to church, allowing her to burn off MUCH excess energy. I have spent the morning lysoling, laundering, sterilizing and dish washing. Ok, so maybe those aren't real words, but you get the picture. You may think that doesn't sounds like much of an improvement. However, after spending last night on a sleeper sofa with a feverish, twisty little body, it FEELS like an improvement! Luckily she has not been sick in almost 10 hours, so I think she is over the hump. Her energy is still real low, but that has given me time to get all this cleaning done. My reward comes in the form of getting to leave the house around 2 today! YEA!!!!
Just a little sidebar, there is no such thing as a good time change when you have kids, but especially when you have sick kids! Boooo! Down with the time change!!! =)
Oh, yes, one more thing. Last night after such a gross day, my husband and I were relaxing downstairs with a little television time. Guess what happened? THE DOG PUKED!


Trinka said...

UGH! Do dogs CATCH people-flu?

I know what you mean about the cleaning binge. I had a bad case of flu once, and I remember using bottles and bottles of chlorox clean-up. I hadn't been sick anywhere but the bathroom, but the entire house felt like there were germs the size of poodles crawling around. As I recall, I even washed the cupboards, and I hadn't even been IN the kitchen. :)

Kristen said...

Poodle sized germs! That is a great description of how I felt!!!