Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Great day

It is so nice to have a great day under my belt again!! Today our oldest had preschool and the youngest and I went to my mom's group. Then we met my husband in downtown for coffee (us) and ice cream (them). On such a blah rainy day it was so special. Then the girls and I went to a consignment store and I found their winter hat for a great price. They were able to get their hair cut at the local beauty school and we went shopping at Kroger's. I made dinner and our oldest said, "Thank you for this yummy dinner. You must make too many delicious meals huh?" Such brownie points she earned with that statement! Now my husband is at class BUT he was able to leave the computer for me to use.
I guess the only downside to the whole day was the abnormal amount of unhappy people at Krogers. Usually they are the elderly people. I must have said "excuse us" to at least 5 people who were in my way and they just ignored me. Does anyone else ever run into this or am I alone? I also met some abnormally happy people. Even the elderly man behind us in line was happy and we had 3 separate transactions!!


Trinka said...

Sounds like a great day!

Re: People who don't respond when addressed politely.

There's a lady in my condo who attends my church, is also single, and about 5-7 years younger than I am.

I thought it would be fun to have her living in the same building ... but she is always off in her own world, and almost seems mean when you talk to her ... like you're getting in her way. I've started going out of my way to avoid meeting her on the stairs or in the parking lot!

Kristen said...

Don't that just beat all!!! =)