Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pukish Post

I am sorry to have been so deliquent in my blogging, but we have had a sick week here. Our three year old puked 6 times and has had strange bathroom type problems which have required my assistance in wiping. Our four year old projectiled in the van today. For a lovely visual... she was in the back and her "stuff" hit the front window. She had since gotten sick on the couch, floor, blankets, towels and a few times the garbage can. Meanwhile, admidst the puking, cleaning and wiping, I can hear my husband hacking his lungs out.
That has pretty much been my week.
There was at least one cute moment. Our three year old had never had a flu bug before. She threw up real close together and without a trace of pity, remorse or sadness but AFTER a huge incident she says, "Maybe I will just keep doing this forever and it will be like this every day."

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