Friday, November 30, 2007

Chronicles of a grumpy.....

This is a bit of a saga here, so bear with me. There is a McDonald's close to our house that has a indoor play land. As you can imagine, we are frequent visitors to this place. It also happens to be close to a neat park with an awesome track and field, so in warmer weather we play at the park and get drinks at McDonald's. Anyways, many of you may know that they hire many special needs individuals to keep the place clean etc. I think this is great! However, this particular location has managed to hire a very cute man with Downs Syndrome. EVERY person with Downs that I have ever met is like a cuddly teddy, friendly, easygoing, like able. Except for this man!! He is SO grumpy! Once we were there and this Christian day care came in. They were saying a group prayer about what a great day this was. He stood beside me mumbling, "Nothin' great about this day, don't know what you kids are talkin' 'bout." I about lost it trying to contain my laughter! It seemed like such an oxymoron to me! Well, today we were there and my friend said to him, "What's wrong?" (Evidently he was staring at her). He tapped the table we had all our coats on and said, "I have to WORK here!" We moved our coats and her grumped his way around wiping up tables. THEN a school bus arrived and this cute Downs man mumbles, "This place is going to H*** in a hand basket." I about spit diet coke through my nose! He then followed that by saying, "All it does is these kids make more work." It made my day! I hope no one thinks I am making fun of this man because I am not. We smile at him and talk to him etc... I just think his grumpiness is great!
On a completely different note, the girls met one of their heroes tonight... Curious George!!! The four year old just kept giggling and hugging him! They would not speak to him, so I was. I told the four year old to tell him about ballet and she said, "Why don't you mommy? You've been talking to him all day here." How can you argue with that logic???????


Trinka said...

Oh dear ... poor McDonalds man. :) "If the people don't come, your job WOULD be easier. Except, you wouldn't HAVE a job!"

Curious George ... wow. That MUST have been cause for excitement. They seemed quite amazed that I'd managed to reach my advanced age without having seen a Curious George cartoon!

Kristen said...

Curious George is pretty high on their list, that is for sure!