Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What's in a name?

This blog is a little risque for what I normally write, so be careful!!! We were at the gym yesterday and my three year old excitedly told me she made a new friend! I was so excited and asked what her name was. She blurts VERY loudly, "A**Hole". I said what did you say? She repeated. I said "Four year old what is she saying?". She replies with "Azzzzhullll". I said, "Ashley???" "yes mommy!! A**Hole". So, just a warning if you plan to name a sweet little baby of your own, you may want to poll three year old and see how they pronounce it.


Trinka said...

oh dear.

SO not good! Poor little A**hole is going to have a real inferiority complex by the time 3-yr-old learns to say her name. :)

Sharon said...

That is just one of the funniest things ever. They both are just so sweet and innocent and that makes it so much funnier! How adorable!