Friday, October 5, 2007

Old Memory

I remembered something today, that I needed t "blog" down so that I won't forget it. A few weeks ago I was making lunch and the girls were playing that they were lost and I was a stranger. I invited them to stay at my house and eat lunch with me. We all sat down at the table and our oldest said, "Excuse me lady, but we don't even know who you are. I think I will call you Miss Sweet." Meanwhile our youngest pipes in and says, "I'll call you Miss Big Fella..... hey big fella? I gotta hug ya". It was the cutest thing!!
That reminds me of a time we were traveling home from church. Our oldest daughter was quizzing me about heaven, how you get there, where is it etc... I explained that if you accept and love Jesus then you will go heaven when you die. She shines her big blue eyes on me and says, "Mommy, iffn' I die and go to Heaven, I will just look at God and say, 'No thank you, I'll just go back because I will miss my mommy too much and just want to be with her'."
If that doesn't make you melt, you are made of stone.

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