Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sad little girl

I am busy dealing with down side of being busy. My poor husband works full time and is in college four nights a week. Our three year old (who loves men in general, but especially loves her daddy) has been really sad. We left her sister at preschool and she started bawling!! I asked her did she miss sissy? Daddy? "YES! I don't want daddy to be at work or school, I want him to be with me!" It was so sad. Then of course she never would say it to my husband, so I am the one dealing with all this sadness!!! Everywhere we go she says, "Do you think daddy will be here? Does he not need to work today?".
On the other hand, there is our four year old, who tells her little sister that Daddy NEEDS to work to make more money so she can take gymnastic classes!!!! =)
She has been asking to spend her allowance on gymnastics lessons because we told her we cannot afford it. She thinks her $3 a week should cover it.
Kids are so darn cute!!!!!

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