Thursday, October 4, 2007


Today was extremely busy. We were gone from early until 7 at night. Never once coming back to the house at all!! We ended up at my parents for dinner. By the time we left the girls we coming off of sugar highs combined with no naps. They spent 45 minutes arguing as to whether our golden retriever is blue or blondish. Seriously. They even lost their story time and STILL kept on!!!! Petty. Luckily for me, tomorrow is a new day.


Trinka said...

"blue"? Someone was arguing for "blue"?

Good night, at least pick a possible topic like, "she put her finger on MY side of the caaarrrrr!"

Sounds like a very long day. I hope today is more relaxing.

Sharon said...

What precious little ones! We missed having C with us for dinner last night. Thanks for coming up! Maybe someone was picturing a blonde Slushie dog and someone was picturing a blue slushie drink!!! How funny they are! The light of our lives (along with their mom, dad, and aunt!!!).