Monday, October 15, 2007

Keep it

If you are not real familiar with our youngest daughter, then you may not find this real funny. BUT, today after ballet class I was sipping on a diet pepsi and the girls took sip. As her sister climbed over her to her car seat, our three year old put her foot out in hopes of hitting her sister, "accidentally" of course. I told her she needed to apologize and she said, "Mrrry". I told her to open her mouth and tell her. She did and said, "sorry sissy. HEY! I want my diet tepsi back"!!! (Not a misprint, that is how she says it)
I had to laugh. Evidently the reason she mumbled "sorry" was because she was holding the diet pepsi in her mouth and when she apologized out loud she had to swallow it. It was way too cute!
Tomorrow is a big day for our four year old. At preschool, they are having green day. She she is wearing green. Then for her lunch, I made a green scrambled egg burrito, green goldfish crackers and green water. She is so excited! I hope she is able to sleep tonight.

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Trinka said...

Hmmmm ... green scrambled eggs ... Maybe the appeal is only there if you're 4? :)

I'm not sure I would have figured out what she meant when she wanted her diet tepsi back! That's adorable. :)