Monday, October 22, 2007

magical buttons

I kept thinking yesterday that some really cute memory had slipped through my fingers. Guess what? I actually remembered it today!
Yesterday after we left the pumpkin patch we drove through the McDonalds for a round of Diet Pepsi's. Our four year old asked why the button was pushed down and I said, "So they know it was Diet Pepsi." She asked if she could push a button down and I said sure. She pushes a button and squeals, "HEY! It is STILL Diet Pepsi in here!!!!!" It just reminds me of how much we "assume" kids know and yet how they can believe in things like magical buttons that change diet pepsi to water and water to juice!!

1 comment:

Trinka said...

Isn't that interesting? The things that wouldn't occur to me! :)

Off to enter the Publisher's Clearinghouse now ... SOMEBODY's got to win. (See how much more mature my thinking is at 39?) :)