Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pumpkin Patch Fun

Today was a great day, both in weather and time spent with family!
We met my parents and sister for lunch at a yummy Chinese place. Then we all went to a pumpkin patch (which ironically did not actually sell pumpkins due to the drought). We took a hayride and played around outside. On the hayride the driver stopped and gave everyone stalks of soybeans. Our four year old must have eaten 100 or so of these. She ate them on the hayride, on the way home and as we painted our pumpkin here at the house. It was crazy! I believe we are going to the organic store to get her some of these.
We stopped on the way home to but a pumpkin for them to paint. I will try and post some photos later in the week.
My parents kept the girls for us on Friday night. They took them to a football game. My dad said that he was wrestling with our three year old and he said to her "get off of me you big lug". She obviously found this hysterical and said to him, "Get off of me you big log!"

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Trinka said...

soybeans? Well ... at least it's healthy! :)

"big log" ... adorable! :)

See you in a month!