Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Photo Day

Today was a major milestone in the life of our oldest daughter. She had her first ever Picture Day at preschool. To some, this may seem totally insignificant but to me this was MAJOR. In fact (much to the amusement of my mom and husband) I was ready to have a nervous breakdown over this!! Over the weekend (while shopping) one of my goals was to find a beautiful fall sweater for her to wear for Picture Day. Needless to say, I never found "the one". Yesterday I was frantically looking for something to put her in . After demolishing all the hard work I did on their closet and dressers, I finally settled on an outfit that I thought would pass. I must say, she pulled it off with style and the outfit was much more like something SHE would want rather than a Beautiful Fall Sweater. I don't know yet how that pictures turned out, but the substitute told me, "She had a little trouble with smiling". My expectations for a monumentus Picture Day ended with that statement.
I need to write down a cute story about our youngest. She has this absolutely remarkable talent for acquiring neat things for free. People practically throw gifts to her as she walks around. Example: One day at the Farmer's Market, she was carrying her little bank in case she found something she wanted to buy. By golly, if Farmer's didn't keep coming up and PUTTING money into it for her!!! Today this happened again. We went to this little consignment store to see if they had any shoes to fit her rather over sized feet. She was being really good right up until we went to pay. Then she ran over to this sign and with her pudgy little hands wiped off the swirly letters announcing their sale. I apologized and the woman pretended she was upset. My little one looked at her with tears STREAMING down her face and started sobbing. The lady came and hugged her, tickled her and THEN gave her candy!!! I was floored! All I want to know, is why this never happens to me????? =)

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Trinka said...

awwwwww ... can't wait to see the pictures of Miss-4-yr-old ... and I LOVE the little pudgy feet. :)